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Publisher's description

The most advanced network security software in its domain which conducts security assessments and security auditing on Cisco firewalls, routers, and switches. This is accompanied with the most up-to-date Cisco auditing tools; it also helps in achieving network security regulatory compliance.

Secure Windows Auditor
In comparison to Secure Cisco Auditor (SWA) A must have windows security software for information security professionals to conduct in-depth security auditing and risk assessments of network-based windows systems. Regulatory compliance and the latest tools which...

Secure SQL Auditor
(SQA) is State of the art software for risk assessment and management, it conducts security audit and security assessment for SQL database security within minutes, by using the most comprehensive SQL database security regulatory...

Secure Oracle Auditor
(SOA) the most comprehensive Risk Management Software for Oracle database security which conducts vulnerability assessments and security auditing within minutes, which is capable of scanning multiple Oracle database servers.

Secure Deleter
By ABTO Software is one of the most powerful tools that is able to protect you from data leakage and undesirable access to you confident information. This irreplaceable tool operates by overwriting the information several times with...


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Bajar Serial Auditor
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File: scademo.exe

System Requirements

1 GHz or faster 1 GB RAM 1 GB hard disk space

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