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Publisher's description

When printing checks, you need a secure way to print the amount and the name of the person the check is payable to. This package includes 26 different SF. These fonts let you print check amounts in dollars, pounds sterling, euros, or the yen that are very hard to alter.

Four of these fonts support most Western European languages. Each font comes standard version and in a version with the word for each number printed below it.

PrecisionID MICR Fonts
All of these fonts are provided in both TrueType and PostScript format. We also provide placement instructions and a MICR calibration tool, which can be used to determine if you need to implement one of the variations of this font.


Emule Secure
F Secure Mobil
F Secure Key
F Secure Keys
F Secure Disk

File: secsamp.exe

System Requirements

Any version of Windows

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