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Publisher's description

SPBM remains in tray and displays the bandwidth consumed for the session, day and month. This will be useful for people with limited bandwidth/month internet connection.

Other Features :
- Option to make meter always visible.
- Transparency of meter can be adjusted.
- Option to exclude bandwidth during certain period of day. (for those who have unmetered bandwidth during certain hours of the day)

DU Meter
In comparison to ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter monitors your computer's network bandwidth usage. It shows real-time graphs and can create detailed reports based on your downloads and uploads. it can discriminate between Internet and LAN, calculate network traffic costs.

Net Meter
Monitors traffic through all network connections on current computer, and displays real-time graphical and numerical downloading and uploading speeds. The software supports to display transfer rates of multiple network connections at the...

Simple Bandwidth Monitor
Application was designed to be an efficient tool that will help you monitor your network usage. Here are some key features of it:. Realtime graphical display of your network usage.

Bandwidth Manager Software
It does not require any proprietary hardware so you can use any standard PC with two network cards to setup bandwidth shaper. Control time, bandwidth usage, download and upload rate for wired and wireless laptops without any client software...


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File: ShaPlus%20Bandwidth%20Meter-Setup.exe
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