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Manage disk space on huge drives and network volumes easily. Find biggest folders and files taking up your disk space. Get seven useful disk reports like Folder Sizes, File Types, Only Files and so on.

Print contents of folders easily. ShowSize gives you a clear picture of disk space usage on your drives. Power features for network administrators are included.

easy show directory size
You want to know how it and easy find large files and folders. Sometimes you need to be able to easy find large files and folders on your computer. There are many situations where you might need to easy find large files and...

Disk Size Manager
In comparison to ShowSize Disk Space Analyzer - a powerful hard disk space manager for Windows. Using DSM you can keep track of your hard disks space to ensure its most efficient use. With its 2D/3D pie and bar charts as well as detailed descriptions in words, DSM provides you...

More Disk Space
More Space will help you SAFELY free up valuable disk space by targeting those files that are large, obsolete or duplicated. This version includes a CRC checking algorithm that will make sure that the contents of all of your duplicate files are...

Z.A. Disk Space Visualizer
With Zero Assumption Disk Space Visualizer, you can generate an easy-to-understand graphical disk map. This map is useful to identify the largest folders on your drives and recover megabytes of disk space


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File: setupshowsizep.exe

System Requirements

Windows 2000 or later

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