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Publisher's description

SFE allows you to create fully-fledged bitmapped fonts with ease. It works with .fnt and .fon bitmap font files. The tool can export and import font symbols, as well as modify font properties. The software is delivered in an intuitive interface and has a competently organized set of instruments, so you can start making fonts right away.

If you look for a handy font-creation tool, then try out SFE and you won'`t miss.

Font Manager
Viewing all installed fonts at once. Creating the list of favorite fonts. Changing the type, size and color of a font. Modifying the sample text. Viewing several sizes of a font at once. Displaying all characters in a font. Viewing information about...

Font Wrangler
In comparison to Sib Font Editor is the TrueType/OpenType font manager that makes it easy to batch install, remove, rename, and copy fonts. You can quickly browse and weed installed and downloaded fonts, print a contact sheet, and resolve typeface name conflicts.

Typograf font manager
Typograf is an excellent solution which will enable you to bundle and collect fonts that are helpful for your team with all kinds of applications. Whether you were looking for something a bit older to assist or newer for Windows versioning it allows...

Arabic Font Pack
This collection contains 14 free Arabic fonts. Fonts are great for creating posters, beautiful letters, for headlines or just for fun. You can also try the free California Fonts Font Manager to make it even easier to use your new fonts


Sib Icon Editor 5
Sib Icon Editor Full
Sib Icon Editor Serial
Sib Cursor Editor Pro Gratis
Myspace Font Editor

File: font-editor.exe

System Requirements

128 MB RAM, Pentium-3133 MHz, 4 MB Hard Disk

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