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Publisher's description

Use StampManage philatelic software to catalog and value your stamps from USA, UN, German, UK, Australian & Canada, Hungray and many more countries. StampManage is licensed by SCOTT™ to use their industry standard numbering system.

Includes a huge database of over 75,000+ stamp varieties complete with 55,500+ images, all indexed by the industry standard SCOTT™ numbering system. You can create your own reports, export them to PDF and Excel.

Stamp Collector
This freeware stamp collection program can be a great help in organizing and cataloging your stamps. You can enter in a wide variety of stamp specific data from issue date and watermark to format and perforation. A picture of each stamp can be...

Stamp Tracker
In comparison to StampManage Stamp Collecting Software is a simple but powerful database program for stamp collectors to use for cataloging their collection of stamps. Thirty different data fields allow you to store detailed information about each stamp, including country, description,...

Stamp Collection Wizard
A personal stamp collection database. Use it to record your collection and generate reports on value, country or time. Watch your stamp collection as it grows. Keep a list of all of your rare stamps and collectable stamps...

CoinManage UK Coin Collecting Software
Use it to easily & accurately catalogue your UK Coin Collection. Included is a comprehensive database of over 6600 British Milled coins, complete with values. Use our eBay™ coin search feature to find auctions &...


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File: StampMng.exe

System Requirements

800x600 display

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