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It is a new look on the popular Sudoku game. Now you can play not only with digits, but also with other high-quality images. You can print out the game at any moment and play on paper.

You can change the sizes of a game field, replace game blocks and change a level of difficulty of the game. The problem of equivalent solutions is solved.

Sudoku For You
In comparison to Sudoku Graphic - generate and solve sudoku puzzles. Here you can generate hundreds of different puzzles and then try to solve them. In any case you're not successful in solving a puzzle - you can ask for the right solution. Sudoku is one of today's...

Just Sudoku
1. 0 is a free game with lots of different puzzles to solve. The sudoku puzzles are divided into five different levels of difficulty. The aim of sudoku is to enter the digits from 1 to 9 in a grid with 81 cells without repeating them in...

E.A.L Sudoku
Based on the popular game of Sudoku, this E. A. L plugin is there to help you try and solve some games

Sudoku V.3.0
This program allows to play with Sudoku. It s possible to solve 3 different levels or to insert any scheme you desire. You can write many numbers in only one cell as notes, and to delete a single figure or the whole grid. You can ask PC for help ,...


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File: StartInstallSudokuGraphic.exe

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