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SEC is a super-powerful Excel tools software, it provides a comprehensive and effective security and easy comparison of files, group sum, merge records, add blank rows to record screening the top five functional modules. The use of SEC, can effectively help users quickly compare and data sum, to shorten your work time and improve your work efficiency.

Excel Compare
Track differences and compare Microsoft Excel files and spreadsheets with it. Did you ever have an Excel spreadsheet that was edited and updated by several people? Was it a headache to figure out the differences between the files, and...

Compare Spreadsheets for Excel
A powerful and convenient add-on for comparison of Microsoft Excel 2000-2013 files. Program features: work with files, tables or the selected range of cells; work with files without opening them in Microsoft Excel; a presentation of the results as a...

4TOPS Compare Excel Files
In comparison to Super Excel Compare features: - Easy to interpret reports using HTML; - Differences in the Analysis report and Visualization reports are hyperlinked; - Use with complete Microsoft Excel files, ranges or tables both horizontal and or vertical);...

Excel Compare Two Files & Find Differences Software
This software offers a solution for users who want to compare two Excel files and create a report showing the differences. The user simply adds the two files to be compared. There is an option for selecting a smaller area within the files.


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