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Publisher's description

With SWF Protector you can encrypt your artworks, no matter if Flash or Flex technology was used. It protects ActionScript 1/2 and ActionScript 3, so none of your files, either old or new, will stay unguarded.

You will be able to encrypt all ActionScript classes, or select specific ones with sensitive code. SWF Protector uses four different protection algorithms that allow SWF file playback in Flash Player, but conceal the source code completely.

SWF Protector
In comparison to it for PC features 4 reliable protection algorithms and protected SWF behaves absolutely the same as before applying protection to it; at the same time initial code is absolutely concealed. No matter if your SWF file was created using Flash or...

SWF Protector for Mac
SWF Protector by Dcomsoft easily helps you protect all your SWF files from all kinds of SWF decompilers, no matter if you were using Flash or Flex technology. It uses strong protection algorithms that allow SWF files playback in Flash Player, but...

DCoM SWF Protector for Linux
SWF Protector is ready to help you to protect your Flash developments codes from decompilers using 3 effective methods of protection that can mix or hide a code, obfuscate the variable names, feature names, etc. in a definite way.

SWF Protection
A strong and easy to use Flash SWF encryption tool which helps you protect SWF files from Flash decompilers. Unlike other SWF encryption software, it protects not only Actionscripts, but also all images, sounds, buttons...


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Pixel Protector
Email Protector
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File: swfprotector.exe

System Requirements

Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008

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