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Learn about the rich history of poker from its beginnings to more recent times in this informative eBook. This eBook also explores various theories on how poker was originally invented and provides more detailed information on its increasing popularity in recent times, especially in the United States of America.

All the sections in the eBook are as follows: Introduction, Increasing Poker Popularity and Recommended Resources.

The History Of Keno
Learn about the rich history of keno from tracing its origins all the way back to early china, during the Hyn dynasty to the present day and age in this eBook. You will also learn about how Keno spread across Europe for hundreds of years before...

Poker Mavens
In comparison to The History Of Poker is a play-money poker software system that lets friends, family, co-workers, club members, or even the general public play Texas Hold'em and Omaha against each other over the Internet or a local area network. Both ring (cash) game and...

The Basics Of Poker
Learn all about the basics of playing, enjoying and winning poker in this informative eBook. You will also learn about various poker card sequences and also about the main poker hands such as the royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full...

Absolute Poker
The motto of the CEREUS poker network is -Bigger. Badder. Better- which is certainly relevant as regards it. it offers their members a top-tier online poker room with simple to use and powerful software, a huge selection of...


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