Torrent Fake Download Upload Software

Publisher's description

TFDUS is a free software to fake torrent rating. This is a cheat system for torrent sites. It can be used to reports fake download and/or upload (it's configurable) to the torrent server. You can use it on your local computer, binding on loopback ( or you can install it on a server and use on multiple computers.

For security reasons you can use authentication by user name and passord.

Torrent Captor
In comparison to Torrent Fake Download Upload Software is a Java written BitTorrent client offering multiple torrent downloads, start/stop seeding options, queuing/priority systems, highly configurable settings, advanced seeding rules and instant access to torrents status.

Torrent Monster
A reliable file sharing app that allows you to download any digital file such as images, music, movies, applications, documents, etc. fast and accurate. Running on the largest decentralized sharing network - Gnutella file network,...

VIP Torrent
A P2P file sharing application for music, mp3, movies, software, documents and games downloads. You may now take advantage of the BitTorrent Pro decentralized network to share, search for, and download about any file you want to.

Movie Torrent
A P2P file-sharing application for music, mp3, movies, software, documents and games downloads. It is compatible with Bittorrent but allows you to add multi-tracker information to the torrent and bears simultaneous downloads,...


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File: torrent_fake_download_upload_setup.exe

System Requirements

.NET Framework 2.0

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