Ultra XML Item Slider

Publisher's description

You can change almost everything: number of items/page, number o change/click, speed, blur, saturation, brightness, reflection and much more... Package Includes: FLA Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3, Flash CS4 Viewable with: Flash Player 8 and above AS Version: Action Script 2.0

Slider Component
All the properties of the Slider (presented in the first demo) can be changed at any time in your Flash movie by typing slider_instance. property = "your_value"; (e. g. slider. direction = "horizontal"; or slider. pointerWidth = 20; ) You'll receive...

3D XML Carousel Gallery
XML base 3D Gallery is very flexible and simply in use component. User can specify any number of images and set 24 gallery parameters like size, colors etc. User can also choose "Auto size" mode and then gallery will adjust its size according to...

Simple XML Header
XML-format is very simple for use. When you put this header (gallery) to your site will set size parameters in XML and in your Flash object in HTML, Flash file will set background to necessary parameters automatically. Package Includes: FLA; Opens...

XML Template Photography
0 XML driven Flash template. No Flash knowledge required for setting up this template. Everything can be set from a main. xml file and also each gallery has its own. xml file making it very easy to update and maintain. This template it's resizable...


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File: Ultra-XML-Item-Slider_5239.html?ref=flashstore

System Requirements

Flash Player 7 and above

actionscript 2 0, actionscript 3 0, flash components
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