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Publisher's description

Real-time biometric facial recognition SDK for surveillance systems. Automatic operation with multiple face detection, tracking, gender determination, enrollment, identification. Can be used for security, law enforcement, time-attendance control, visitor counting solutions. Programming samples in Java, .NET and C.

Supports multiple network cameras and data processing nodes on Windows and Linux. See also demo video at

SentiSight SDK Trial
Object quantity counting. Can be used for application development with most cameras on Windows and Linux. Includes programming samples in. NET, Java, C/C++. Constant internet connection required for trial. See also demo video at http://youtu.

VeriSpeak Standard SDK Trial
Based on proprietary voiceprint identification and phrase verification technology. The algorithm allows two-factor autentication with voice biometrics and pass phrase authenticity check. Works with regular microphone. Supports Windows, Android,...

VeriLook Standard SDK Trial
Webcam capable multiplatform face identification SDK for stand-alone or Web based applications. Based on fast and reliable face recognition technology that is able to detect person's gender and face lifeness. SDK can be used with most cameras and...

VeriLook Embedded SDK Trial
Mobile face recognition SDK for Android smatphones, tablets and other embedded devices. The biometric technology processes multiple faces in a frame, provides gender determination and PC-like facial identification quality. Works with build-in phone...


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System Requirements

2.66GHz Core2 Quad CPU or equivalent multi-core processor from other manufacturers, 1 GB RAM

identification, recognition
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