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Great way to spice up a long night working on the computer. VGH is a unique place for a wide variety of gorgeous, stripper virtual girls dancing on your desktop, on your demand, in gloriously clear and large HD presentation. Extremely affordable, safe and ultra sexy, VGH, provides free software and a free stripper preview every day, with no obligations to buy anything more unless you want to

Free Virtua Girls
Ever wondered how you can liven up your time at the computer? The it app will give you everything you need. Superior adult entertainment right on your screen with our stunning desktop girls! Whether it's a tempting striptease or a...

Virtua Girl
Get a Table Dance From the Privacy of Your Own PC! it is the Only Desktop Application You'll Need This Year! They can't wait any longer, the world's hottest babes are ready to go Full Monty on computer screens everywhere with the release of...

Free Virtua Girl
In comparison to Virtua Girls HD desktop gives work and play a new meaning! Relieve the boredom and stress of your workspace with your very own on-screen stripper. With it you get the stripper entertainment with a personal touch. Hot girls with hot...

Virtual Girls HD
A shareware program featuring seductive strippers on your desktop. This completely new release of virtual girl features a greater movie format with an increase of 60% belonging to the video size. You need to a new zoom option, to...


Virtua Girls
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Virtua Guys

File: virtuagirlshd_setup.exe

System Requirements

700Mhz, 128MB RAM, 20MB Hard drive

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