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cnet.com Web Calendar Pad 2013.5.
eazel.com Web Calendar Pad 2012.6.3
softpedia.com Web Calendar Pad 2014.5.0
winsite.com Web Calendar Pad 2014.4.3
windows8downloads.com Web Calendar Pad 2014.4.4

Publisher's description

Generate an HTML calendar that visitors can view, print and subscribe to with RSS. Ideal for keeping a company, school, church event calendar online. For a teacher to track and publish printable course calendars or a coach to keep a sports team schedule online.

The calendar wizzard lets you use custom photos,textures and fonts. FTP is built-in and you can update web site with one click using. Attach files, and publish with iCal and RSS feeds.

Light Pad
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HTML Calendar Maker Pro
This program saves time by generating calendars for you. The calendars are customizable (you can change the colors and/or text styles) and it knows the months and days of the week in the language that your version of Windows is running in.

StudioLine Web
In comparison to Web Calendar Pad integrates creating, publishing and updating professional web sites in a single user interface - including image management and editing with over 30 image tools. Requires no HTML knowledge. Place or layer images and text freely on a...

Web Copyrighter
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Calendar Scripts For Web Pages
Lilly Pad Sp
K Light Codec Pad
Hindi Pad At Blog
Punjabi Pad Torrent

File: calendarpad.exe

System Requirements

20+ megabytes of disk space

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