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winsite.com Web Site Zapper 7.6.0
lo4d.com Web Site Zapper 9.2.0

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WSZ closes Web browsers that are displaying undesirable Web sites. It can be used either for popup control, or to control Internet access. It can also control WHEN people can access the Internet.

Create lists of good and bad Web sites, either manually or by having WSZ build lists automatically. WSZ can either close down any site on the bad site list, or close down any site NOT on the good site list.

KidSplorer Web Browser
The parental control feature limits your child to specific web sites, and automatically blocks all other web sites. You can limit the computer use by scheduling the amount of time your children can spend on the internet. Plus you can set KidSplorer...

Falcove Web Vulnerability Scanner
Falcove gives you the opportunity of auditing your web site(s) as they are already audited by external hackers on your behalf. But this time, you will be the only master of your website. The aim is simple; be proactive, not reactive.


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File: wszarc.exe
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