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Andrei Mikrukov

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Over 30 generators, Web 2.0 elements, tools and scripts for webmasters and web designers to speed up website building and save time and money. WTP includes: a color palette generator, gradient images, stripe backgrounds, rounded corners, a favicon generator, .htaccess, .htpasswd and mod_rewrite generators, regular expressions, a robots.txt file creator, a website translation script, most popular javascripts and more...

Mihov Website Merger
In comparison to Website Toolbox Pro is a program for web developers who need to be able to update big sites with ease. The program compiles parts of a web site together to a single set of files. For example, you have a set of pages that have the top part (header),...

PublicPIM Website Database App
Has 3 Part Process instructions to automatically provide our Database application created with Javeline Framework over an open MySQL db to your website. Free ppContact widget available for interacting with database from web page. Upload to a website...

ImageSite Pro
A tool for creating entire sites of images complete with thumbnail indexes and custom banners and links, just from a set of images and a single HTML page to use as a basis for created pages. From this it will...


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color palettes, generators, meta tags, mod rewrite, password protect, regular expressions, robots txt, translation, webmaster
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