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Windows network USB drive data theft monitoring software is the best tool that is capable of analyzing plug in and plug out of different thumb drive or external storage media on computer system. USB port surveillance utility can show status of removable devices activities performed on client's system in LAN.

Real time USB disabler generates the log file of monitored activity and allows saving at user specified location for further reference.

USB Drive Blocker Software
USB stick activity monitoring software includes feature to alerts system administrators via beep sounds in any case of any illegal data transfer is taking place. USB drive blocker program disables access of all commonly used removable media like pen...

CheapestSoft USB Blocker
In comparison to Windows Network USB Drive Blocker is the best software that helps an individual or a system administrator control USB storage devices(USB FLASH DISK,USB DISK,IPOD, etc. ). You can control a standalone computer or many computers on a computer network.

USB Drive Guard
A data leak prevention (DLP) security solution that enables network administrators to centrally control USB drives on the network. This application runs silently on any windows PC and when someone inserts any type of storage...

Website Blocker
Application can used to blocks and restricts urls to browse. Browser controller program is made to makes parental control of installed browsing by software it set the blocking and unblocking features by tool in clicks.


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System Requirements

128Mb RAM, 20Mb disk space, any Windows OS

insertion, permission, unauthorized
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