WinZoom Lite

Publisher's description

WZL incorporates our ground breaking screen magnification/reading software into an easy to use software package. It offers scaled down options found in WinZoom standard or WinZoom USB for a reduced and affordable cost to you.

WinZoom Standard is perfect for individuals who primarily use one computer. If you frequently use multiple computers the WinZoom USB will work for you.

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Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Lite
Key it features:. + Displaying the icons of shortcuts in Windows and popular applications. + Displaying characters actually typed in ANY LANGUAGE, which allows you to type text without a localized keyboard.


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File: WinZoomLite4_setup.exe

System Requirements

Window XP SP2 or greater, 1GB RAM, Pentium Duo 1.6Ghz or equivalent

enlargement, magnifier, productivity, voice output
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