XML Bounce Drop Down Menu - AS2

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XML Drop Down Menu w/ Bounce Effect - AS2: - XML fully customizable menus; - Supports multiple menus and submenus; - XML includes functionality for menu click to go either to a URL or frame; - You can set tween speeds and menu spacing and other features in the script. AS2 file, opens with Flash 8+ .

Easily integrates into other platforms. Help file and useful comments in the code included.

Creative FL Drop Down Menu
We have created the ultimate menu navigation solution for Flash Web Sites that can be used by both beginners and power users. The menus can be created in minutes from the authoring environment, can be customized to suit the design (easy stilling and...

zoomEffect XML Menu
Variables that you can change: spacing spacing bettwen the menu elements; zoomSpeed speed for the zoomEffect; zoomOutSpeed speed for the zoomOutEffect; initialSize initial size of the menu; zoomSize zoom size of the menu; initialColor initial color...

Dynamic Xml Bar Menu
In comparison to XML Bounce Drop Down Menu - AS2 Settings which can be changed through XML file: *Names of the buttons *You can Change URLs *You can add frameLabel/frameNumber *Change the Expanding Bar onRollover color *Change the Colors of the both Text *Further settings if...

XML Menu Generator Class
Now everyone can create an XML menu quick and easy!!! Just 2 rows of code needed!!! You can adjust: [list][*] The orientation of the menu (vertical or horizontal) [*]The x and y position of the menu [*]The distance between the buttons [*]The x and y...


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File: XML-Bounce-Drop-Down-Menu---AS2_4168.html?ref=flashstore

System Requirements

Flash Player 7 and above

actionscript 2 0, actionscript 3 0, flash components
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