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Publisher's description

Freeware Ping tool with graphical interface for network monitoring and accessibility check of local (LAN) and remote (Internet) hosts. All Ping parameters are configurable and an arbitrary number of checks can be automatically repeated at user selectable intervals.

Option to save and print the generated Log file.

Network Ping
Usually when people check communication with computer or would like to see if a host is online the executes ping command. Windows does not provide graphical utility to do that, but has a command line tool. This software saves your time opening and...

In comparison to yasPing offers a comprehensive suite of ten top-quality networking tools. Each of the tools offers a modern interface with high performance, flexible functionality. All tools have a basic and an advanced interface. The advanced parameters allow...

Ping Manager
A set of network tools, based on ping, which includes: regular ping, ping IP address range, trace route and path ping. The utility can store up to 1000 pages and manage them simultaneously. Each page has a unique setting for both...

Colasoft Ping Tool
A powerful graphic ping tool, it supports ping multiple IP addresses at the same time, and compares response time in a graphic chart. You can view historical charts and save the charts to a. bmp file. With this build-in tool,...

File: yasping.zip

System Requirements

Network and/or Internet connection

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