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Variables that you can change: spacing spacing bettwen the menu elements; zoomSpeed speed for the zoomEffect; zoomOutSpeed speed for the zoomOutEffect; initialSize initial size of the menu; zoomSize zoom size of the menu; initialColor initial color of the text menu; zoomEffect zoomEffect 1 - zoom in center, 2 - zoom in left, 3 - zoom right; The color of the text menu on zoom as the text and link are given by the xml file. I offer full s

XML Menu Generator Class
Now everyone can create an XML menu quick and easy!!! Just 2 rows of code needed!!! You can adjust: [list][*] The orientation of the menu (vertical or horizontal) [*]The x and y position of the menu [*]The distance between the buttons [*]The x and y...

Dynamic Xml Bar Menu
In comparison to zoomEffect XML Menu Settings which can be changed through XML file: *Names of the buttons *You can Change URLs *You can add frameLabel/frameNumber *Change the Expanding Bar onRollover color *Change the Colors of the both Text *Further settings if...

XML Bounce Drop Down Menu - AS2
XML Drop Down Menu w/ Bounce Effect - AS2: - XML fully customizable menus; - Supports multiple menus and submenus; - XML includes functionality for menu click to go either to a URL or frame; - You can set tween speeds and menu spacing and other...

Advanced Resizable Scroll Menu/Gallery XML
Can perform both gotoAndPlay(frame) and getURL(URL) , just set in the XML file ; see help. CPU optimized ; no drawings will be done if no visible effect will take place. real-time smooth resizing ; please drag the orange triangle to see how.


Free Menu Liquid Style Css Menu
Aspx To Xml
Localization Xml
Xml Exercises
Convert Wsdl To Xml

File: zoomEffect-XML-Menu_4164.html?ref=flashstore

System Requirements

Flash Player 7 and above

actionscript 2 0, actionscript 3 0, flash components
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