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Publisher's description

This tool allows you to "convert" text such way, that you receive suite graphic files like suite of scanned pages of book or magazine. It is often necessary when you want to read favorite book on MobilePC, which does not have ability to show text files, but only graphical i.e.

Zune or digital photoframe.

Comic Book Millennium
In comparison to Zune eBook Creator 6 gives the user many tools to track their comic book collection. It is written by a comic book collector for comic book collectors. The first version of this program was written because no programs at the time offered the...

Bargain Book Mole
We did extensive research on book pricing websites and add-ons before hiring the expert add-on creator Baris Derin whose add-ons have been downloaded millions of times. He's done a great job creating a easy to use add-on with a pleasing interface.


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File: ZuneEBookCreator.msi

System Requirements

.NET Framework 2.0

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