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Braina 1.21
Braina (Brain Artificial) is an intelligent personal assistant software for Windows...
NextSTART 11.10
NextSTART is part of Winstep Xtreme, a Windows User Interface Replacement
Autorun Maestro
Autorun Maestro 8.1
Graphical CD Autorun/Autoplay menu software for creation of professional CDs
True Launch Bar
True Launch Bar 6.5
True Launch Bar is a potent shortcut manager that gives polish to your system
Autostart and Process Viewer
Autostart and Process Viewer 1.41
Be notified about new programs in autostart and about new processes appearing.
Arc Menu
Arc Menu 5.3c
Secure multi-user DOS menu program
MIRV 2000
MIRV 2000 28
Try this small multiple program launcher
The Ultimate Troubleshooter
The Ultimate Troubleshooter 4.92
The most complete and most effective PC Tuning program ever written. 5 Stars.
Enso Launcher
Enso Launcher 2846
Enso Launcher provides instant access to your applications and windows.
An interactive, or command line program, to switch the display resolution.
QuickCut xp
QuickCut xp 1.4
QuickCut Xp An easy to use Application and File launcher...
CD Front End 2
CD Front End 2 1.4.07
Quick CD front end: HTML-like presentation
Blue Jet Button
Blue Jet Button
Blue Jet Button is designed to help you quickly launch applications.
Multiple countdown alarms
Magic Fingers Hot Key Launcher
Magic Fingers Hot Key Launcher
Easily launch your favorites using a single keystroke or with your mouse
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