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XBtrack 1.0
A flexible task and bug tracking system to keep track of bugs and task.
EnjoyHint 1.0
EnjoyHint is a free web tool to add interactive hints and tips to sites and apps
jsFromValidator 3.3.0
jsFromValidator - JavaScript Form Validation Component
Page Popup Maker
Page Popup Maker 2.0.2
Create popups - page load/close, links, form buttons mouse over, image links.
KeyPlayer 1.5
Java Keystroke and Mouse Event Tutor / Keyboard Diagnostic.
Official Encoding
Official Encoding 1.1
Discover the official name of any given Java encoding.
InWords 4.6
Java code to converts number to words in any of 24 languagues.
FileTransfer 2.5
Java classes to cop, upload and download files.
Mouse 1.5
In Java, allows you to find out where the mouse in on the screen
Holiday Calculator
Holiday Calculator 5.1
Calculate when 69 holidays occur in any given year.
Encoding Recogniser
Encoding Recogniser 1.2
Help determine a file's encoding by displaying it wth all supported encodings.
JUnitConv - Units Of Measure Converter
JUnitConv - Units Of Measure Converter 1.0.004
JUnitConv is an universal Units of Measure Converter built as a Java Applet
AllWebMenus Server-Side Menus API Add-in
AllWebMenus Server-Side Menus API Add-in 2.0.13
Create database-driven, dynamic (PHP,JSP,ColdFusion,.NET,...) JavaScript menus
PURE CSS Menu Maker - Free
PURE CSS Menu Maker - Free 1.2
Build free 100% pure CSS menus with a rich visual interface
MoneyToys Discounted Cash Flow Calculato
MoneyToys Discounted Cash Flow Calculato 2.1.1
Put a Discounted Cash Flows Calculator on Your Web Site. Easily Installed.
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