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MB Kabbalah Runes
MB Kabbalah Runes 1.25
This a sun sign zodiac and rune stone divination correlation software.
MB Nakshatra
MB Nakshatra 1.60
MB Free Nakshatra is a nakshatra calculator software based on Vedic Astrology.
MB Psychic Test Software
MB Psychic Test Software 1.95
MB Psychic Test Software tests your psychic abilities and skills
Chakras 3.6
Chakras Software describes the 7 energy centers of the spine with graphics!
Muhurta Explorer
Muhurta Explorer 1.2
Indian Vedic Electional Astrology Software -The right time to do the right thing
MB Galactic Astrology
MB Galactic Astrology 1.20
MB Galactic Astrology predicts your Galactic sign personality traits.
MB Mole Reading
MB Mole Reading 2.00
This is an accurate Mole Reading or Moleosophy Divination Software.
MB Challenge Number
MB Challenge Number 1.65
MB Free Challenge Number Software calculates your Challenge Number.
MB Mayan Numerology
MB Mayan Numerology 1.15
MB Mayan Numerology generates your Day Number based on your date of birth.
MB Subconscious Self Number
MB Subconscious Self Number 1.90
This software calculates your Subconscious Self Number.
Your Planetary Transits
Your Planetary Transits 5.32
Calculates start and end dates of world and personal planetary transits.
MB Gemology
MB Gemology 2.05
This is an advanced and a complete gemology reference tool.
MB Japanese Astrology Compatibility
MB Japanese Astrology Compatibility 1.15
This is a Japanese blood type based compatibility / personality software.
MB Runic Astrology
MB Runic Astrology 1.20
MB Free Runic Astrology is a Runic Astrology software.
MB Tarot Tutor And Glossary
MB Tarot Tutor And Glossary 1.55
This is a tarot card learning software that includes meanings, tests &dictionary
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