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cnet.com 1-abc.net File Configurator 5.0
softpedia.com 1-abc.net File Configurator 5.00
winsite.com 1-abc.net File Configurator 5.00
windows8downloads.com 1-abc.net File Configurator 5.00

Publisher's description

With this tool you can edit file attributes including many things that you are not allowed to change normally! Each file saves time and date of its creation, its last access and when last modifications were done. If the clock in your digital camera was set wrong when you made photographs for example, you normally can not modify such attributes later anymore.

This program allows you to do exactly this for 1,000s of files in batch mode if you like.

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Configurator Bmw
Hosting Configurator
Bmw Configurator Download
Bmw Configurator Explorer

File: fileconf.exe

System Requirements

Runs on all systems where one of these Windows systems is installed.

attribute, attributes, configuration, configure, extension, extensions, modification
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