Acronis True Image Echo Workstation

Publisher's description

ATIEW is an essential backup tool for your office network. It performs remote backup of entire machines or separate files and folders.

In case of a system crash Acronis’ cutting-edge technology allows you restore a backed up image on bare-metal, dissimilar hardware or to a virtual machine. Group Tasks Management Console provides for the most convenient way of implementing backup operations for networked desktops.

Acronis True Image Echo Server for Linux
In comparison to Acronis True Image Echo Workstation is an ideal server backup solution for a Linux environment. Based on the exclusive Acronis Drive Snapshot technology, this powerful tool allows you to create a Linux server backup image including all data,...

Acronis True Image Workstation
A kind of disaster for you, isn`t it? To avoid the nightmare, use a reliable backup suite for your workstation - Acronis True Image Echo Workstation. It will image your system and restore it after a hard disk failure, which usually happens when you...

Acronis True Image Home
11 is the best and most reliable solution which backs up and restores all your computer data. If your hard disk fails, this disaster recovery software will quickly restore the image of your machine. Your docs, memories and...

Acronis True Image Enterprise Server
Acronis True Image 9. 1 Enterprise Server is the most powerful corporate Acronis solution for server backup, protection and restore. Unlike other Acronis server backup products, ATIES boasts Acronis Management Console, a feature that offers great...


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System Requirements

CPU: Pentium 133 (and alike) or higher, RAM 64 Mb or more, Disk space: 20 Mb

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