AXMEDIS PDA Player and Media Organizer
February 2010, 2.2

Publisher's description

PDA Multimedia player, cross media player, for AXMEDIS/MPEG-21 cross media content. To play AXMEDIS content with inside any kind of image, audio, video, animations MPEG-4, HTML and SMIL. for Windows Mobile 5 and 6. The pack also contains a set of AXMEDIS demostrative objects. to author or edit your own AXMEDIS-21 Content please download the AXMEDIS Editor.

further information, for content and its production

AXMEDIS PC Player light
PC Players for AXMEDIS MPEG-21 Cross-media Contents Player for PC, and few demostrative content. other can be taken from the portal WWW. AXMEDIS. ORG with free production tools

Media Zone Trigger
This is an Interactive Digital Signage software that uses a webcam to control the sequencing of audio and video on one or many displays, this way what is displayed in the screen is relevant with what is going on in front of the screen.

SesamTV Media Center
TV: managing all your media through a friendly TV user interface, with a remote control, or. PC: easy-to-use media player that supports many formats and can replace one or more players you‘re using now. SesamTV™ Media Center can be used with a...

Flash Movie Player
In comparison to AXMEDIS PDA Player and Media Organizer is a freeware standalone player for Shockwave Flash (SWF) animations, based on Macromedia Flash Player plug-in. In addition to all Macromedia Flash Player abilities, it has a lot of extended features, such as animation rewinding,...


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System Requirements

5 Mbyte

cross media
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