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Are you interested in sports? Do you love basketball? Then you surely like this free BSS. Download it and enjoy the outstanding collection of images of basketball stars and famous teams right on your desktop!

Basketball Stars Screensaver
This fantastic it offers you excellent photos of well known basketball players. You can find here pictures of Michael Jordan, Dwyane Wade, Tony Parker and many other basketball celebrities. Get the whole collection of...

Great Basketball Screensaver
Are you a basketball fan? Do you have your favorite basketball players or teams? This free it is definitely for you! It features the photos of outstanding basketball teams and world famous players. Admire the images of your...

Plane Show Screensaver
Would you like to watch the world's greatest airplanes in action? Try this outstanding free it. The maneuvering F-15 Eagles, mighty Boeing jets and other great planes cruising on your computer monitor are so life-like that you...

Free Military Show Screensaver
With this screensaver you will plunge into the atmosphere of a military show watching the sheer power of fighter jets maneuvering over the sky, attack submarines on an important military mission and lots more. Download it now and witness the might...


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File: basketballstars.exe

System Requirements

Windows, 16 MB Video Memory, Pentium II or higher

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