CPT Crosswords
Rossen Dinev

CPT Crosswords download locations

cnet.com CPT Crosswords 1.3
softpedia.com CPT Crosswords 1.3
winsite.com CPT Crosswords 1.3

Publisher's description

A multilingual crossword compiler and sudoku generator.
The program includes the modules CPT Diagrams, CPT Words, CPT Clues,
CPT Sudoku, CPT Editor, part of dictionary tools from the CPT kit, and CPT Wizard.
The user can do any step of the crossword/sudoku creation manually - using the editor,
or automatically - using the generators.


Cpt Codes List Free
List 2004 Cpt Codes
Cpt Code List Excel Free Download
Krazydad Crosswords
Teenage Crosswords

File: cpt_xw13.zip

System Requirements

Sun Java JDK/JRE 1.1-1.7

crossword, crossword puzzle maker, text processing
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