Hans Christian Andersen Bingo Cards
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Printable set of 8 HCABC, a call-sheet (for use by bingo caller), and a ready-to-use project (that can be used as a template and customized with your own items, colors, fonts, etc.) for use with Bingo Card Printer which can be downloaded from http://www.bingocardprinter.com - if you need more bingo cards, or customized bingo cards visit this website to download the software

Schoolhouse Bingo
With it you can easily create educational bingo games to support and reinforce lessons in any area of the curriculum. Design game activities to enhance learning in mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, and just about...

Phonics Bingo
Children are taught to associate particular sounds from spoken English with letters or groups of letters, as well as how to blend the sounds of letters and letter groups together in order to read out written or printed words. it provide...

Sight Word Bingo
Free printable materials for it game for classroom use: Sight words are common words that students need to learn to recognize by sight, without sounding them - in many cases they can not be sounded out, it is a game...

Bingo Card Creator
In comparison to Hans Christian Andersen Bingo Cards lets you print custom bingo cards on your own PC! Includes 500+ activities to get you started, including Sight Word Bingo, holiday-themed bingo, and much, much more! Be ready in minutes! it can print multiple cards...


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File: hans-christian-andersen-bingo-cards.zip

System Requirements

PDF Viewer or Bingo Card Printer (software)

bingo cards, literature, templates
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