MB Bach Flower Remedies
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Publisher's description

MBFR lets you know the right flower remedies on the basis of the Bach flower remedies principles. The Bach flower remedies or the Back flower treatment principles have proved to be effective in treating a number of physical as well as mental problems.

The Bach flower remedies have also been effective in reducing mental imbalance, insomnia or sleeplessness, high blood pressure and many other health hazards.

MB Pagan Herbal Remedies
In comparison to MB Bach Flower Remedies displays herbal remedies for different ailments based on Pagan beliefs. This tool helps you reduce the pain caused by different problems with the help of herbs. It also guides you on the application and use of these herbs.


Bach Flower Remedies Free Download
Bach Flower Remedies For Children Download
Music For Bach Flower Remedies Free Download
Bach F Lpwer Remedies For A Cough
Bach Flower Rapidshare

File: MBFreeBachFlowerRemedies.exe

System Requirements

Windows & Above

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