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cnet.com Mizu Webphone 4.8
winsite.com Mizu Webphone 4.8
windows8downloads.com Mizu Webphone 4.8.4

Publisher's description

The Mizu WebPhone is a lightweight SIP standard based VoIP web phone software implemented as a java applet that can be embedded in your webpage

Doddle WebPhone
Doddle is a free online SIP webphone through which you can make phone calls from within a webpage. It works with couple of VoIP providers or you can even fill it with your own SIP settings details. There is no desktop software to be downloaded at all

Zoiper Webphone
In comparison to Mizu Webphone is fully-compliant with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome on Windows, VoIP-enabling any website ad web solution. it is licensed per domain name. it has no limit on the concurrent calls and...

Mizu VoIP Tunnel
A special VoIP server software whose task is to encrypt all communication from/to the clients and to forward the calls to your server(s) using the common SIP protocol. This UDP level encryption will not add any overhead to your...

Mizu VoIP Server
An all in one enterprise grade softswitch solution with support to SIP and H. 323. All Class5 features including sophisticated routing, access rules, CDR record generation, billing and accounting and offers full compatibility...


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Sora No Iro Mizu No Iro 3

File: websipphone_demo.zip

System Requirements

Intel Pentium II 500 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 30 MB free space

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