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The OEMS is a dynamic web based newsletter software that allows you to create an email list campaign, customize html email templates, and manage your own online mailing list. OEMS even allows you to easily create your own email newsletter signup form, personalize marketing campaigns to specific users, and read up on the latest email marketing techniques with the included free ebook.

Email Marketing Software
In comparison to Omnistar it is easy to use, fast and reliable it. this it can send your email message to thousands of recipients with a click of a button. it is ideal for newsletters,...

IEmailer - Bulk Email Marketing Software
Bulk Email Marketing Software - Powered by: www. iemailer. com We are offering you the most powerful, ease to use bulk email marketing software on the whole market today. Our program is the ONLY product available online that can build and create a...

Email Marketing Software Express Advanced Edition
Software to build email list by extracting from your POP3/IMAP accounts, Outlook, HTML URL/File and Local folders, send an email newsletter, a high-impact email promotion with complete tracking

Email Marketing Software Express Standard Edition
Software to build email list and email newsletter, a high-impact email promotion with complete tracking


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