Password Protect File

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Publisher's description

a great software tool to hide your files and hide your folders to prevent others from seeing your private files

Strong Password Generator
This is a swift password generator software adept at generating thousands of passwords within minutes. Users can generate passwords containing not only alphabets and numbers but also special characters. Special characters like @, #, $ etc.

Active Password Changer
[email protected] Password Changer is a useful utility which helps in changing forgotten administrator system password and allowing access

Nucleus Kernel Password Unmask
Kernel Password Unmask shows and unmasks password of any Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista application or program. This wonderful little utility unmasks and reveals password hidden behind asterisks (***** characters). It successfully reveals...

DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery
In comparison to Password Protect File (DOPR) is a powerful tool to recover password from encrypted Outlook PST files. If you forget the password of an encrypted Outlook PST file, then with this tool, you can easily recover the password and access the...


Password Protect Pendrive
Password Protect Usb Secure Sn
Password Protect Thumb Drives
Protect Files Folders With Password
Unlock Password Protect Mediafire

File: FolderShielderDemo.msi

System Requirements

PC compatibles

password protect file
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