Visual Chart Trading Software

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Created by | VCTS for Metatrader 4 Trading Platform. Traders will perform forex technical analysis simply by drawing lines on the chart and software will perform trade entries and exits according to traders' trading system. Automated chart trading designed to automate manual forex trading system.

It will certainly automate most manual trader's tasks and frees up more time for manual traders.

Technical Analysis Trading Software
There's a numerous choices of different type of forex charting software, however don't assume that every charting software provides traders with effective and trust-able trading features and options. Among several trading platforms, one shines out...

Triangle Chart Patterns Software
Triangle patterns are relative easy to identify on the forex charts. Identifying triangle chart patterns is easy when a complete technical analysis has been carried out. Locate 2 higher highs and 2 lower lows. Next, draw a line through them.

Trading System V
In comparison to Visual Chart Trading Software is a trading system environment for traders and investors who seek the flexibility and security of a virtualized system and that is based on free and open source software. Stop orders are held best server-side anyway, execution...


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System Requirements

Windows with Metatrader 4 Latest Patch

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